A Tea For Camo Lovers

Observing the word camouflage, going back to history, the word camouflage came from the Persian language. The word camouflage, means disguise, was derived into camouflage. The clothing was designed to hide from the enemies during the war or while patrolling an area. This type of clothing official became the military clothing since it was doing what it was made to do in quite an excellent manner.

The colour:

Unlike old days when the only colours that were used in the camouflage clothing were shades of black, brown and green and white and grey for the snowy areas. Now, the colour game is very much strong. It is easy to find quite many colours that are bright and funky but at the same time, they are doing the job they have been assigned.


As we look at the camo clothing market, there are many with the same colour pattern but, with variations in design like a brushstroke, tiger stripe, duck hunter, US woodland, raindrop, chocolate chip and many more. There are different fabrics used in the making of these clothes.

Why so many different styles?

This question may pop up in the minds that if the main purpose of this style of clothing is hiding then why there are multiple designs for the same purpose. Well, all the area around the world is not the same. There are rain forests, deserts, plains rocky areas, mountainous areas, areas filled with snow and possibly water. On the other hand, there four seasons as well. Winter, autumn, summer and spring hence, there are numerous verities of style and design along with fabric because each of these designs is created especially for a specific area and period.

The interest of the buyers:

Camo clothing is the identity of a hunter. They wear it and the show is as a sign of pride. Not only men but women are also much interested in this style of clothing.Camouflage clothes womenare now to be seen everywhere. The market is full of all the related stuff like camouflage clothing womens in Australia, camo cargo pantsand of course,the womens camo hunting pantsas well so, overallwomens camo clothingis as popular as men. The reason for this is simple and visible as this style of clothing is not only for hunters and military now. This has become a style statement as it depicts strength and bravery and people who love to show