All You Need To Know About Partner Visa Migration

Staying away from your loved ones can be difficult, especially if they are oceans apart. The world we live in is so fast paced that it is important to make a living for yourself and what better land could be there be to make that living other than the land of opportunities, Australia. Thousands of people have been migrating to Australia every year, whether it is to earn their bread or for higher studies, it has become a centre point for tourist attraction. So if your spouse is an Australian resident and you are trying to shorten the distance with them then you might want to start looked for an experienced partner visa migration agent.

Australian migration has been becoming easy lately on the basis of partner visa migration. That is why if your partner is in Australia and they are willing to sponsor you then your visa might just get accepted so you can live your life with them. However, there are some terms and conditions to it which are required to be followed so let’s discuss them below.

Evidence of Relationship

The common rule for getting a visa for any country is to ensure that your application looks strong and genuine. This cannot be done until and unless you are able to provide sufficient evidence for the relationship you have with your partner. It is not necessary for you to be married with them, you can even apply for the partner migration visa if you are in a de-facto relationship. Although, in order to get it approved it is important that you have an experienced partner visa migration agent by your side who is able to guide you on every step in order to increase your chances. 

Temporary and Permanent Visa

There are two stages for partner visa migration, among which the first one is temporary. Before you become a permanent resident of Australia, you must be in a relationship with your partner for at least 2 years once you move there. After that through a partner visa migration agent you can apply for a permanent visa and continue with the process.

Record Verification

Before your visa is accepted you will thoroughly be scrutinized by the Australian immigration agency in order to ensure that you have a clean record. Any sort of criminal record may become a cause for the rejection of your application. That is why before you apply it is important that you make sure you are able to present a strong case with the help of a partner visa best migration agent Perth and narrow out any possible cause that may result in rejection.

If you have a reliable partner visa migration agent by your side you can make the process much easier, and close in the distance with your significant other. So get in touch with a reliable immigration agency and apply today.