Build Your Own Indoor Aquaponics

It is not a very difficult task to build an aquaponics kit in Melbourne. If you have basic knowledge and the required tools and equipment for it then following some basic guidelines you can make yourself a very good indoor aquaponic. The equipment that you require is given as following.

You need a fish tank at first which could either be made from glass or from plastic. Then you need water gallons to fill up this tank. Along with these you need pumps such as the water pump and the air pump. Then you need grow bed and along with the growing medium. Also you need a pH kit which helps you to keep track of the pH level in your water tank and on the last you need fish and plants of your desire to put in the tank.

The basic tools which help you in setting up the above items are drill, electrical tape and the scissors. For the fish tank, it is not necessary that you buy a proper fish tank from the market but anything that is clean can be used instead of fish tank such as some tub or any other container of reasonable size. Gravel is used to be placed on the bottom of your tank. It is the important component of the trusted hydroponic fish tank and it helps in the conversion of various substance. You must clean your gravel before you can put these into your tank. In case you gravel is not clean and dusty then it can contaminate the water in your tank as well.

The pumping of water from the fish tank to grow bed and then again back to the fish tank is done by the water pump. Air is necessary for the plants and fish. Without air these cannot survive, therefore, the air pump is used to pump the air into the tank for the fish and plants. The air pumps increases the amount of oxygen in the water.

The grow bed needs to be placed above the fish tank. For this reason, it must be a little bigger than the width and length of the fish tank so that it can easily stay on its top. The grow bed is the place where the plants actually grow. The growing medium is the part of the grow bed which is used in the growth of the plants and last but not the least the most important part is the fish and plants which support each other.