Learn Perfect Driving Skills By Connecting With F1 Driving School!

At F1 Driving School, we support a calm driving environment and provide the relevant knowledge, skills, experiences, and information that a learner driver needs to become an effective driver. Our basic purpose is to help every learner driver to become a safe driver who can depend on his own expertise and can be confident on them and also takes care of pedestrians and other road users.

It is guaranteed that you will have no complaints with F1 Driving School because we will facilitate you with the best services and will provide the best driving lessons as well that can help you to become an extremely good driver.

Why it is recommended that our instructors should get selected for driving lessons:

Our instructors are highly trained and qualified and will help the learner driver from the first day of their training to the last day till their test. Our female driving instructors are trained to provide the relevant knowledge or skills that are needed by the learner driver to gain either refresher lessons or driver’s license. As the best driving school, we train the students in a way that best suits them rather than a general approach. Click here for more info on driving instructor Pascoe Vale.

The places where our driving lessons services are available:

No matter in what state you are you are still aware of the laws, driving situations and varying diverse roads of Melbourne’s. For this very reason, we are providing our services in areas listed below:

  • Essendon
  • Melbourne CBD
  • Brunswick
  • Fitzroy
  • Coburg
  • Kensington
  • Aberfeldie
  • Carlton
  • Pascoe Vale
  • Moonee Ponds
  • Avondale Heights
  • Keilor
  • Strathmore
  • Keilor East

And there are many more places where we are providing our driving lessons.

You can contact us to book a lesson:

To arrange a driving lesson for yourself at F1 Driving School you can contact us on this number 0419 662 051.

Refresher lessons:

You are a license holder but still don’t have enough confidence in your driving skills or have not done driving from a long time then you can choose F1 Driving School to resolve your such problems because F1 Driving School also provides Refresher Lessons and these refresher lessons will help the learner drivers to improve their skills and knowledge.

Session Timings:

F1 Driving School provides driving lessons during day times as well as in the early evenings. For the people who have a busy schedule and are unable to receive the driving lessons F1 Driving School also provides the service that the driving lessons are arranged in the weekend as well and Saturday sessions are offered.

Pick and Drop Services:

Within Melbourne, you can also avail the opportunity of selecting your pickup and drop off points. Also, you can take the driving lessons on the places of your own choice whether you are at any place like home, school and work and any other place.

Great Reasons To Start Using Your Motor Bike Instead Of A Car

What’s better out of bike or a car for your daily commute? It’s a discussion as old as time. In any case, the discussion seethes on. Do you pick the spaciousness available in a car, or the natural air and opportunity offered by a motorbike? Riding a bike brings in great benefits when compared to the experience that you gain from driving a car. This article focuses on the reasons why you should certainly ditch your car and start using a motor bike for your daily commute:

No More Hours of Waiting in the Traffic

Research suggest the normal driver goes through around 100-150 hours in rush hour jam consistently. That is very nearly a whole week squandered in traffic in your daily commute. Don’t we all want to break through the traffic and keep moving? All things considered, motorbikes gives you what you require to break through the traffic so that the traffic jam will no longer be a problem to you. Studies have found that riding a bike through the metropolitan cities saves a lot of time than when you are driving a car. A report assessed that having recently 10% more bikers out and about could decrease normal travel times by approximately 8 minutes for all workers. If you had enough of spending hours of your day in the traffic, it is time that you start using a bike for your daily commute. If you are new to riding bikes, you can take motorcycle riding classes.

Easy Parking

Cars and other vehicles are enormous and discovering some place to leave your vehicle can be incredibly precarious. motorbikes, then again, are a lot smaller in size. All things considered, leaving your bike is generally simpler, given they can fit into more tightly spaces that vehicles could just dream of. Not exclusively will this further lessen your drive time, since you won’t need to sit around idly finding a parking spot, however it may even spare you some well-deserved money, given how costly vehicle leaving can be. Simply get yourself a bike, get the needed motorcycle training here and start riding.

To Spend Less on Fuel

Research demonstrates the normal driver burns through $71.50 on fuel every week, likening to $3,781 every year. That is a great deal of cash. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be like this, as bikes are significantly eco-friendlier than vehicles and requires less fuel to travel the same amount of distance. Thus, riding a bike doesn’t only make your life easier but will save you money as well.

Get Your Vehicles Repaired By Ted Cahill Motors

If you are living in Shepparton, Ted Cahill Motors is the company to go to for repair of your automobile by a member from a team of mechanics who are experts at what they are doing. In case you are one of those for whom reputation of the company they associate with is important, then Ted Cahill Motors are the ones to visit as they are trusted by all. They are respected and hold an esteem position in the eyes of customers as their services and products are unparalled.

Ever since the year of 1983, they have been offering these services of exceptional quality to all residents of Shepparton and the areas surrounding. Obviously over the course of these many years, things have changed, as in the way they will repair your vehicle, due to technological advancements and innovations, but still there are certain elements that surely remained with them are as follows: the first one is that in businesses and in market you only approach those whom you trust. Hence, it is the fact that they are trustworthy that makes them a customer favorite. You might be wondering that it is almost impossible to not indulge in any wrong practices when it comes to profit in business, but believe that they are different. For example they will only suggest you repair of a battery in your car only if your vehicle needs it not because they want to make extra money taking advantage of your lack of knowledge. So once you come to Ted Cahill Motors, be stress free as you are in safe hands!

Secondly, they are dedicated to what they do, for them it is much more than just a business, they see it as a craft. All their mechanics are passionate about what they do. All those who work at Ted Cahill Motors auto industry for them means life as cars are their first love. And have believed that they will do everything possible to make your car as if nothing ever happened to it! Third but surely one of the most integral elements is to have a customer friendly approach. Since the day they began, customers are the focal point of all their businesses, and they work night and day to ensure that you are satisfied and content with the services you get at Ted Cahill Motors and throughout these years they have only focused on ways to future improve it every day. Be it your cars regular service or a repair in case of an accident or a dent due to a slight collision, they will mend both, in the best possible way.

There is a wide range of services for which you can approach them at their center in Shepparton, this is also because they want to ease their customers in all possible ways, and they do so by providing you everything regarding your vehicle under one roof. Some of the services they provide for include looking after your cars clutches and brakes, its engine etc.

Being A Mechanic Can Be A Blessing

There are some people who have passion for certain jobs, some wants to become a pilot, architect, astronauts and so many other fields are there, but there is another field which may not be that reputed in some countries but honestly, this field is so lucrative that one can even imagine a way ahead of all (after opting this as a profession). Certainly there is no work which can be labelled as small or big, the only thing which matter the most is the person passion for the job. There are certain mindsets which are stopping people from success, for instance: this thinking and perception that any profession is big or small is not suitable at all. Every job has its own significance and every single job is participating in the betterment of the society. Mechanic, a person which cannot be challenged at all on this knowledge, no matter you are an astronaut or a CEO of an organization, you have to rely on whatever the mechanic is suggesting be it a car mechanic Gold Coast or a normal technician. Since this profession is so technical and beneficial let’s discuss few basic and prominent benefits of being a mechanic? 

Self-reliance: no matter where the economy is going, people still own a great car service and definitely for that reason they need a mechanic so, according to the study this profession always remains self-reliant and self-sufficient in earning. Moreover, one can always pursue to become an entrepreneur.
Working abroad: technical professions like: mechanic, carpenter and plumber are highly in demand in western countries, as discussed before they never consider any work low or high, big or small, respectful or disrespectful. Hence they want highly skilled and trained mechanic, so getting immigration and working abroad, for a mechanic is nothing. These skills are rare and only a trained person knows how to get inside the hood to find out the problem (without opening the head of the engine). 

Salaried: there is a misconception because people usually thinks that they will be a garage mechanic always or they can open a garage of their own? But the deal it, if one is skilled and knows the mechanical stuff definitely they can be hired by some multinational automotive company such as: Suzuki, Honda, Ferrari and BMW. Undoubtedly in the before mentioned companies one can get double and triple digit handsome salary. As mentioned before this skill is technical and rare.

Certificate and qualification: This profession is not handicap when it comes to professional and educational qualification, one can always pursue professional diplomas and certification to become a mechanic. In real an educated mechanic (who has the certificate and everything) is much more highly paid then the one without any professional certificate.

Your Accommodation Is Sorted To Your Dream Holiday Destination

When planning a holiday there are many things that need to be considered. One may thing that it is simple, but often it is difficult to secure yourself and your family a room at a hotel that has the most glamourous view. A holiday is a time where you get to erase those troublesome deadlines that you may have at work for a few days and spend a few days of bliss with your family doing something different. Little children love the holiday because they get to see and visit new places and people and share it with their school friends. Everyone gets a chance to share what they did during their summer vacation since it is the longest vacation they get for the year. 

All booked

The downside of going on a vacation during the holiday season, is that the hotels and ideal rest houses are often booked in advance. If you want to secure yourself in one of those hotels, you need to make plans months before the holiday. However, this becomes a little bit of a hefty task considering the uncertainty that you may face along the way. At present there is a solution for this drawback. They arecaravans. The easiest solution that you have, to visit the most extravagant locations of your choice without having to make plans well in advance in terms of booking. 


To buy or hire a caravan, you need to decide on a suitable vendor that will give you the best price. There are many locations with vendors who provide caravans North Shore is one of them as well. You need to identify their level of genuine and honestly. This can be done through recommendations and feedback from previous customers. There may be positive and / or negative feedback. You need to be prepared for all. The prices should be considered as well. Each vendor will quote a unique price depending on the brand and features included. You need to check if these unique features match your needs.


The next most important thing that you need to consider is the location that you wish to visit. When you have a caravan with you there is rarely a place where you cannot visit. It can be a night near a natural waterfall, watching the sunset from the mountains while drinking a warm cup of tea while resting on your lounge chair. You could also travel in a caravan when you get tickets to a concert. You could cut down on the cost of accommodation if you travel in a caravan.