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How To Protect Your Garden From Harsh Weather Conditions?

The weather can be really harsh at times and this can affect the plants you’ve grown over the years. But you can still help protect your plants by following a few steps beforehand.

Protective measures against strong winds

Strong winds can break the roots of the plants and cause significant damage. If you have tall plants then they are highly likely to break away during a powerful wind, this issue can be avoided by inserting a stake near the plant to act as a support. Make sure that you remove pots that are hanging as these can not only fall and damage the plant but can be hurled away and hurt someone. The smaller plants are easier to deal with, you just need to place a bucket over the plant and place a rock on top, this will shield the plant in the event of a powerful wind. 

Heavy Rains

The heavy rains can flood your plants and cause them to drown. This will fill up the air pockets in the soil with water and prevent the soil from taking up any oxygen. The plants would die as a result. The issue here is that there’s really no way you can prevent the plant from drowning if there’s too much water. One thing you can do is place barriers in sloped areas of the garden to divert the water away from the garden bed. This would minimize the collection of water. If you have lawns then consider switching to a more tolerant variety of buffalo grass that can withstand harsh conditions.

Extreme heat

You can protect your plants from the extreme heat by adding a layer of mulch, this will help to reflect the sunlight. Additionally, it would be a good idea to water the plants using irrigation hoses and soakers. These will slowly water the plants throughout the garden and prevent the plants from drying out. Furthermore, if your area is always exposed to extreme heat, then consider getting a heat tolerant variety of buffalo turf and flowers. This way, this wouldn’t really be much of an issue and you won’t have to work hard to ensure their survival.And finally, ensure that you take good care of yourself too, ensure that you take the necessary precautions when you are handling the plants under an extreme weather condition. The above methods won’t guarantee you that your plants will be 100% safe but it can certainly minimize the extent of the damage caused to your garden.